The bugbear of taking your lawnmower out of the garage only to find you have a puncture, added to that you have the difficulty of removing the wheel to find a tiny little throne has caused all this headache. There is one simple solution fit puncture proof tyres! What are puncture resistant tyres you ask? Puncture proof tyres have the same appearance as the normal every day lawnmower turf tyre with the added benefit of having a Kevlar casing the very same material as used in an stab vest allowing these to withstand any sharp object for example flint, glass, and thrones.

Standard non puncture proof tyre


Kevlar Redwing puncture proof 

Answers too your questions.

Q, Do I need to fit an inner tube to these - A, the only reason you would need to fit a tube to these is if your wheel rim is in poor condition. For example, the paint has cracked on inside of the wheel and is showing signs of corrosion, this will allow the air to escape due to the tyre not been 100% sealed.

Q, do these need to be fitted in any special way - A, The puncture proof mower tyre is as flexible as the standard version and can be fitted in the very same way.

Q, Are these more expensive - A, The answer is yes below I will show you some examples.


15x6.00-6 Economy turf tyre £20.00 - 15x6.00-6 Redwing Turf 24 RX ARAMID 6PLY £41.50

16X6.50-8 Economy turf tyre £21.40 - 16X6.50-8 Redwing Turf 24 RX ARAMID 6PLY £40.00

18x8.50-8 Economy turf tyre £24.70 - 18x8.50-8 Redwing Turf 24 RX ARAMID 6PLY £51.50


As you can see from the examples above the Redwing Turf 24 RX ARAMID puncture resistant tyre is more expensive then the non-puncture proof economy tyres, but you have to consider a couple of things, how many punctures have you had this year or last year? How much have you spent on new inner tubes and paying for them be fitted? Using the puncture proof tyre will eliminate all these issues and in fact over time will save you money.


We have put our faith in the Redwing Turf 24 RX ARAMID and this is proving to be the right choice, what you get with many manufactures of the Kevlar constructed tyres is they only seem to make them in the popular sizes having said this the availability is still pretty poor. The redwing range is the biggest of all the puncture proof tyre manufactures and the availability is very good and with this been made in Europe out of stock items can be replenished within days. In terms of quality the Redwing sit up there with the best competitors, Maxxis and Carlisle but at an affordable price.

I hope you find this useful and thanks for reading.