12X5.00-4 Carlisle turf pro - turf tyres - Great for all lawnmowers, golf carts 125004

Vendor: Carlisle
Type: Carlisle Turf Tyres

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Carlisle turf pro - Great for all lawnmowers, golf carts



A cost effective selection of mid-range turf tyres

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Here at Agricultural Tyres Online we are aware of the need to offer cost effective solutions for our customers. With this in mind we have sourced a range of fantastically priced turf tyres that are suitable for sit on mowers, golf carts and small agricultural machinery.
These products are mid-range in terms of quality as opposed to Vredestein, Carlisle & Trelleborg which are our premium products.

We always sorce the best value products that the market has to offer, our preffered manufacturers include Kenda, Kings and Deli.

If you need to know which brand we currently have in stock please call us on 08456 804 805 and ask our friendly team
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