400/70-20 Vredestein Flotation+ Tyre ,Tire

Vendor: Vredestein
Type: Flotation+

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Flotation+ – The ideal tyre for heavy duty work

With its large load capacity at a relatively low tyre pressure, the Flotation+ is the ideal tyre for heavy-duty work. Its extra-wide and voluminous design makes the tyre exceptionally suitable for silage trailers, mixed manure spreaders, tipping trailers and harvesting machinery.

The sophisticated carcass construction and unique profile ensure the Flotation+ performs every agricultural task without leaving marks. As well as driving comfort, the tyre also has excellent self-cleaning properties. This ensures that it keeps rolling under all conditions and guarantees sideways stability.

Flotation Principle – High load capacity at relatively low tyre pressures
Unique Profile – Keeps rolling under all conditions, Long life span, High comfort, Ideal self cleaning properties, Low rolling resistance
Large contact area – Minimal soil compaction
Good height/weight ratio – Exceptional stability

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Vredestein car tyres are available with our parent company, Tyremen 

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