380/70R28 Vredestein Traxion+ Tractor Tyre Tire

Vendor: Vredestein
Type: Traxion+

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Traxion… many, many working hours

Traxion… get a grip on your fuel costs

Traxion… minimum soil pressure through maximum innovation

The key to the success of the multi-functional Traxion+ is its revolutionary tread design. The result is optimal performance on the land and during transportation. The Traxion+’s special tread cleat design, with a wide space in the shoulder area, ensures excellent self-cleaning in the traction zone. This in turn guarantees maximum traction. The almost continuous contact area in the middle of the tread, the comfort zone, provides for optimal comfort and safety during transportation at relatively high speeds. This also reduces tyre wear, increasing life span.

Vredestein have invested heavily in product innovation to ensure that the modern tractor fitted with Traxion+ causes minimal soil compaction. The unique tread also guarantees an optimal pulling power with reduced skidding. Minimal skidding causes less damage to the soil structure, which can lead to improved profit margins. Increasing fuel costs make this issue more important than ever.


Unique tread cleat design – Optimal comfort and safety during transportation, excellent traction and long life
Non parallel tread cleats – Optimal self cleaning
Large Volume – High load capacity at low tyre pressure
Large contact surface – Reduced soil compaction and minimal rutting
Flexible sidewall – Excellent absorption
Rounded shoulders – Prevents damage to the turf

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Vredestein car tyres are available with our parent company, Tyremen 

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