380/85R28 Vredestein Traxion85 Tractor Tyre Tire

Vendor: Vredestein
Type: Traxion85

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Traxion85: Setting a new standard for today’s mid-range tractors

Vredestein has launched a new range of tyres suitable for mid-sized tractors.
The Traxion 85 shares many of the features of the Dutch company’s larger Traxion+ tyres, but extends to sizes more appropriate for sub-150hp tractors.

Optimum tyre performance forms the basis for a high return on investment. The unique tread of the Traxion85, its wide belt and flexible carcass ensure a flat tread contour, offering even pressure distribution. Out in the field this results in better soil quality as tyres are less prone to digging in thanks to the increased tread surface. It also forms the basis for the tyre’s excellent road-going properties, including low rolling resistance, a comfortable ride, and long service life.

Advanced tread design – Excellent self cleaning, Reduced wheel spin, Impoved ride and Long service life
Rounded shoulders – Prevent soil damage
Reinforced heel – Optimum stability at high speeds and on gradients
New carcass design with increased volume – Carrying capacity increased by 8%

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Vredestein car tyres are available with our parent company, Tyremen 

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