4.00-8 Puncture Proof barrow, wheel & tyre

Vendor: Starco
Type: trailer tyre

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STARCO Flex Lite Puncture Proof is recommended on smooth surface
and semi-rough terrain, mainly for private user or lighter
Professional service.

***The assembly comes in various versions that fit any demand please let us know the
shaft size that runs through the center of you wheel.***

STARCO Flex Lite is supplied as wheel and tyre in one unit in a PP/PU

It comes, as standard in Yellow/Black, but other colours are possible on order
(larger scale)

The Flex system in the construction makes an easy ride, making the wheel
suitable for a wider range of application and area for lighter use
Handling and performance characteristics comparable to traditional pneu-Matics

STARCO Flex Lite is proven in practice for less demanding professional use

STARCO Engineered
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