500/50R17 Vredestein Flotation Pro Tyre ,Tire

Vendor: Vredestein
Type: Flotation Pro
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Flotation Pro – The new generation for professionals

The advanced radial Flotation Pro supports the professional needs of contractors and farmers alike. Its radial construction, with a sturdy belt under the tread, ensures an equal distribution of pressure over the contact surface. This results in excellent preservation of the soil structure. The Flotation Pro’s low rolling resistance ensures that the tyre keeps rolling even under difficult field conditions. The special carcass construction enables road transport at speeds of up to 65 km per hour, which are common in modern farming.

Even pressure distribution in the contact area – Minimal soil compaction & minimal rutting
Sturdy and flexible carcass – Good flotation properties, Ideal for transport at higher speeds, high comfort levels & long life span
Unique tread – excellent self cleaning properties, good sideways stability, low noise & low rolling resistance.

Fuel Saving
The Flotation Pro’s tread also combines with the special carcass construction to offer low rolling resistance. Practical tests see suggest that a lower pulling power is required compared to diagonal tyres, providing fuel savings of up to 15 per cent.

Price is for 1 tyre, for a multiple purchase please update quantity

Vredestein car tyres are available with our parent company, Tyremen 

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