650/55R26.5 Vredestein Flotation Trac Tyre ,Tire

Vendor: Vredestein
Type: Flotation Trac

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Flotation Trac – The all round tyre for optimum performance

The new Vredestein implement Flotation Trac radial gives outstanding performance on both arable and pasture land as well as transport activities.

Developments in agricultural machinery are characterized by continual increases in capacity. However modern tipping trailers, silage trailers, manure spreaders with a high load capacity and high capacity harvesters are putting an increasing burden on the soil. The tyres fitted to these machines play a decisive role in preventing soil damage and the reduced yields that this causes. Time saved by carrying out transport activities at relatively high speeds and fuel savings, thanks to the lower rolling resistance of these tyres also has a positive effect on profitability.

Now in cooperation with the agricultural machinery industry, Vredestein has developed the implement Flotation Trac radial in addition to the popular Flotation+ and Flotation Pro series. The innovative profile and strong, flexible carcass construction are designed to give top performance that combines machine capacity with protection of the soil structure, with the ability to carry out transport activities at relatively high speeds.

The Floatation Trac is suitable for fitting to implements including silage trailers, tipping trailers, manure spreaders, self loading trailers and self-propelled harvesting machines.

Unique tread pattern and special carcass construction – Relatively large contact area and low rolling resistance, Good stability, Good flotation characteristics, Suitable for speeds up to 65 km/h
Flat tread contour with rounded shoulders – Even pressure distribution over the contact area which preserves the soil structure and minimizing rutting, Prevents damage to the turf
Flexible, strong sidewall and robust bead construction – Collision protection giving a high degree of reliability

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Vredestein car tyres are available with our parent company, Tyremen 

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