Lawnmower Tyre puncture sealant 950ml Turf Tyre

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Tyre puncture sealant


TERRA-S puncture sealant is used in commercial vehicles, construction equipment, EM and AS tyres. It is most suitable for all vehicles with pneumatic tyres used at speeds that do not exceed 80 km/h (55 mph). This product sets new standards, with which you avoid time-wasting and expensive tire punctures if it is used preventatively. This puncture sealant permanently seals the most frequent punctures in the tire tread which are caused penetrations of a size of up to max. 10 mm 


  • Durable for 7 years
  •  Usable at temperatures from - 25° C to + 70° C
  •  Can seal holes of up to 10 mm* penetration
  •  Sealing-fibres with granulate

     How much do you need: in litres.

    11x4.00-4 = 0.25ltr          18x9.50-8 = 1.00ltr

    11x4.00-5 = 0.25ltr          20x10.00-8 = 1.25ltr

    13x5.00-6 = 0.50ltr          18x8.50-10 = 1.00ltr

    15x6.00-6 = 0.50ltr          20x8.00-10 = 1.25ltr

    16x6.50-8 = 0.75ltr          20x10.00-10 = 1.50ltr

    16x7.50-8 = 0.75ltr          23x8.50-12 = 1.25ltr

    18x6.50-8 = 0.75ltr          23x10.50-12 = 1.50ltr

    18x8.50-8 = 1.00ltr

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